types of organizational culture

What Types of Cultures Are Out There?

What are the types of organizational culture? The answer to this question will depend on the type of business you are. What types of cultures do businesses exhibit? Generally speaking, most businesses exhibit at least some types of organizational culture. The types of cultures, most businesses exhibit are:

Four Levels of Organizational Culture

Cliques vs. Neutrals::
Organizational culture depends on the extent to which people interact with others in the organization or workplace. It's all-encompassing and seemingly subtle, yet it affects everyone's daily interactions in many ways.

For instance, if the organizational culture is more like that of a small group of close friends, future newcomers who enter the company will gradually develop the same clique-like culture by being close to those individuals in the company.

As they become familiar with other members of the clique, they will tend to take the others' perspectives in stride and share information with them-which can be good and can be bad depending on how they interact with others.

Types of Cultures of Organizations:
Types of cultures are generally grouped into four types: primary focus, extrinsic motivators, internal/clan motivators, and external/externals motivators.

Each of these types of motivators can be described by its relationship to the organization's primary goal. For instance, primary focus motivators are those that directly affect the organizational goal.

Focusing on the primary goal directly can be a major source of friction between employees and management. This is because when workers have no clear direction from the top, they often feel uncertain about what their role is in the bigger scheme of things.

Corporate Culture vs. Corporate Motivation:
The difference between organizational culture and corporate motivation can be the difference between an enjoyable and a less enjoyable work environment.

Corporate culture, on the other hand, focuses more on the message the company sends to its employees and how this message is received by employees. A corporate culture will naturally evolve as long as the company continues to exist.

Types of Cultures of Organizations:
On one hand, there are the types of cultures that are based on a clannish and elitist type of hierarchy. Under this type of organizational culture, there is little room for open communication and information sharing because those who hold the uppermost position to know who everyone else is and what is expected of them.

People in this type of culture may enjoy the clannish nature of their workplaces, but they rarely receive feedback or constructive criticism. In addition, there is little room for employees to make meaningful contributions to the larger organization and they rarely enjoy career advancement within the organization.

Other Types of Cultures of Organizations:
There are also types of cultures, which are based on open communication and free flow of information. These types of organizational culture examples are conducive to a healthy work environment and often include an overall positive attitude.

This type of work environment is one in which employees are able to grow, expand, and learn while earning high levels of performance. Employees who enjoy this type of work environment are one another's favorite people to have in the office!

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