organizational culture examples

Organizational Culture Examples: How to Build Them With Respect

How do you define organizational culture? For many, it is a description of how the company they work for functions. A successful company has a solid organizational culture.

What is Organisational Culture? And Why Culture Matters To Your Organization

However, what if that organizational culture is destroyed? What would be the consequences? In this article we'll look at some organizational culture examples from different industries.

Amazon stands out as one of the best organizational culture examples. While many companies can stumble into organizational chaos, Amazon stood out because of the constant accusations of negativity.

In fact, the recent accusations stated that certain employees were ordered to attend lengthy meetings and rip each other apart with their worst thoughts. This certainly didn't help Amazon's image one bit.

What kind of an example are we looking at here though? Well, let's use Amazon as an example. The main complaint by many employees there was that their work life wasn't fulfilling.

They wanted to be happier and more fulfilled in what they did. One employee actually went as far as to say that the company culture wasn't a happy place because they weren't doing what they wanted to in the end.

So what are some of the other organizational culture examples that people often bring up? A great example is the work culture.

Many employees don't like to talk about work culture because they think it is a dirty word. However, the benefits of having a great organizational work culture can far outweigh the disadvantages.

In addition to having a great organizational culture, you also need to have a strong organizational culture of appreciation. It sounds simple and it really is. But you have to make sure that everyone is aware of this.

Everyone in the organization should be made to feel appreciated and they have to know how much they mean to the company. Once they understand that they are needed, they will be more apt to do their best because they feel needed.

Another of the great organizational culture examples that you should look at is zappos. A lot of people within the company were upset when they lost a huge auction to a competitor, but they didn't realize that the competitor had advertised the event on zappos.

The leader of the company was not only thinking about her own personal profit margins, but she was also thinking about how the company stood with regard to its customers.

This led to a very cordial relationship between the company and the customers, which helped zappos gain an increased number of customers.

If your company stands for treating its employees well and appreciating them for what they do, then you stand to gain a lot from having strong organizational culture examples.

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