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A New Strategy on Diversity: Aligning Leadership and Organizational Culture

By Kenneth Rice
Everyone is familiar with the traditional challenges of diversity. However, concepts of diversity have evolved from inclusion and tolerance, to managing diversity, and recognizing the link between diversity and the emerging complexity of organizations such as the Navy.

The Importance of Cultural Values in the Leadership Coaching Process

By Roger Ingbretsen
Within a leadership development coaching process it is important to know and understand what the stated and actual organizational values are, so both the coach and the colleague can better understand how people fit or align themselves within the organization. A leadership coach needs to be sensitive to how things are actually done within the organization in which they are going to be coaching leaders and other key individuals.

What is Corporate Culture?

By Janine Sergay
Corporate Culture Defined - A basic definition of organizational culture is the collective way we do things around here. It involves a learned set of behaviors that is common knowledge to all the participants. These behaviors are based on a shared system of meanings which guide our perceptions, understanding of events, and what we pay attention to.

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