changing organizational culture

The Importance of Changing Organizational Culture

This article presents the basics of changing organizational culture. The focus of the article is to acquaint the readers with the key principles and strategies on changing the organizational culture of an organisation, which includes whether it's a team division or the entire organisation.

Importance of Changing Organizational Culture

The basic premise that drives the discussion is that an organisation is built upon various cultures and values which have been shaped by heritage, ideology and what the organisation does best.

So, by changing organizational culture, we can adjust and enhance the working and social dynamics of the workplace and achieve synergies within an organisation that bring about better performance and output.

Some of the challenges of the course are defining what a 'culture' is, establishing and sustaining positive behaviours and attitudes that enable an organisation to create positive work cultures and establish harmony among team members.

It is important to consider whether employees want to change their behaviour and attitudes and if they do so openly and consistently.

Some of the factors that are considered in assessing a company's culture and organizational culture include: employee recognition, shared vision, positive feedback, transparency and involvement and external conflicts.

The first factor to consider in changing organizational culture is employee recognition for hard and soft work. A good leader makes it a part of his/her role to recognize and reward employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.

The second important aspect of employee recognition is to set the right goals and expectations and communicate this to employees through verbal or non-verbal communication.

For instance, if the company wants to achieve excellence in the areas of quality, safety and service then each employee should be made aware of these expectations before he/she starts working.

Another aspect of changing organizational culture is addressing conflicts. Conflicts may develop as a result of poor communication or misunderstanding or even some employees bringing in their own behaviors and attitudes to the workplace.

It is important that the conflict is handled in an effective manner to avoid future conflicts. One way to do this is by setting out rules of conduct for both the employees and the management to follow.

Changing organizational culture also includes the need to address and change unhealthy behaviors. Some employees may have been using drugs and other substances to gain an extra energy or boost up their morale and this needs to be addressed.

Likewise, inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace needs to be addressed. It is also important that managers create a work environment free from any form of harassment.

If the problems are not addressed in a timely manner, then it will only cause resentment and hindrance for the change process.

It is important that employees accept the changes in the work environment as a way of making the organization more professional and up-to-date.

There are several ways in which employees can be encouraged to accept the changes in the work culture including the use of awards and bonuses, providing more benefits, creating an environment where there is no gender imbalance and changing the name of the division or workplace to be more gender-friendly.

By taking these measures, it will be easier for employees to accept change in their organization and for the leaders to get their desired results in terms of organizational culture change.

However, in order for change to be successful, the leader should ensure that all parties are involved and contribute positively towards the organizational change.

It is essential that the leaders take time to talk about the issue with people affected so that they are aware of the steps that they are required to take.

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