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Organizational Culture - The Seduction of Politically Correct - Ready, Fire, Aim

By Mike Krutza
Why do you think trust evaporated with the Wall Street Collapse in 2008? And why do you think Congressional approval is a horrible 15%? It's simple and basic: your first priority to solve any problem...human or machine has to search for truth...not to be right...or crush the truth with the tenacity of a hungry lioness {with cubs} on the Serengeti plains. Because without truth, you just might be solving the wrong problem.

How You Impact Your Organization's Culture

By Kevin Eikenberry
Every organization - big or small - has a unique culture. The culture is defined by every member of the organization - not the executives alone. And every team member has the opportunity - really the responsibility - to challenge the organization's culture if it isn't as successful as it could be.

Improving Corporate Culture

By Debra Thorsen
Most corporate cultures are stuck in the mindset of the Industrial Age. This leads to lower profits and unhappy workers. The best way to improve corporate culture is to go cubeless.

Effective Organizational Culture - 8 Tips to Assess Organizational Culture

By Mike Krutza
Any organization goes by certain norms which are to be followed by everyone - from top management level to non-management category. These norms - relationship between colleagues, psychic set up of the employees, working environment and more - are identified as organizational culture. Business evolution management needs to include a detailed analysis of your culture.

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